Frequently Asked Questions

What is Digital Entrepreneurs’ relationship with SFM?

Digital Entrepreneurs are accredited affiliates and members of the SFM. This means that they receive ‘affiliate commission’ when they refer a new member/customer to SFM.  They learned marketing with the SFM themselves so they are confident they are recommending some of the best education of its type available online.


Am I tied in for a long period?

SFM has 30 days’ notice at Basic membership level and you have an initial 30 day money back guarantee. This means, in the unlikely event you are not happy or you simply change your mind, you can request your money back immediately. With all SFM products, the rules that apply are available to read and are made clear, before you purchase anything.


How do SFM pay any commissions that I earn?

Payments are made once per month by bank transfer or via Paypal.


Is there an age limit?

You need to be at least 18 years old to get started with SFM.


About SFM

(The following responses were provided by SFM Co-founder and our mentor, Stuart Ross)

What is Affiliate Marketing?

For starters, affiliate marketing is certainly something that I’m a huge fan of. In fact, I’d go as far to say that if it hadn’t been for affiliate marketing, I probably wouldn’t have gotten my start on the Internet ¬ I’d be stuck in my job working seventy hours a week doing something I wasn’t passionate about.
On that basis, I’m obviously a huge fan of this business approach. But truly, the reason I can fully endorse affiliate marketing is because I’ve been able to prove time and time again, that it’s the fastest way for individuals without any experience, or even any existing business knowledge, to get started in becoming self-sufficient, and have the ability to write their own pay check from home.

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What Makes SFM Different than Others?

I think it would probably be a fairer question to ask one of our students who has actually gone through the coaching and used our business system, because that way you’re going to get a response from somebody who isn’t one of the co¬founders! But, naturally, I think there’s a lot of things that make us incredibly different than anything else out there. Maybe I’m a bit biased but I’m more than happy to share some of the things that I feel really set us apart.

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What Kind of Support Do I Get?

I think supporting you through your journey of creating a successful business is probably one of the most important questions that can be asked. And the reason being is with the internet—unfortunately—there’s a lot of programs and opportunities out there that will sell you a dream of being able to become successful on the internet once you actually get your credit card out and you make that purchase. There’s not a human in sight—there’s no one to be seen, no one to get a response from. And, I’ll be honest it’s taken us a long time to get it right.

We’ve been working on the different ways to support our customers for many years now and I’m very proud to say that I don’t think there are many companies in any market out there that offer quite the diversity of support that we provide.

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Can I Do This Around My Job and Commitments?

So one of the biggest advantages to having an internet business is the fact that you can do it from anywhere as long as you’ve got a laptop or a computer and an internet connection. You’re in business. So that being the case, you can absolutely build your business around your day job or other commitments and around family because you have that kind of flexibility on your side.

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Am I Too Old for This?

Well, first of all, I’d probably say that you’re only too old for this if you decide you’re too old for this. You know, over the years we’ve worked with retired individuals right into their eighties (80s). In fact, a couple of students in their nineties (90s) have gone on to earn income on the internet so there’s no doubt about it that the answer is ­ nobody is too old to do this as long as they want to do it. I think, you know, several years ago one of the difficulties with being successful on the internet is the technology inside was a lot more complicated—getting set up with websites, different business models.

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Can This Help Me Grow My Existing Business?

There’s no doubt that growing your existing business is really going to come down to a few things but I’d probably say the number one thing is being able to attract and get more customers. The education we’re going to provide you here absolutely is going to enable you to go out there and get more customers. It’s a huge focus of what we’re going to teach you.

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What Type of Products Can I Sell?

When it comes to the type of products that you’re going to be selling online in order to get results and have success, there’s obviously a lot of things that we can guide you on. In fact, through the Getting Started Modules, we’re actually going to teach you why we suggest certain types of products for reasons like, some products are in high demand and of course products that are going to put the most amount of money into your pocket. However, the important thing I must address straight away is that the education that you’re going to get out of SFM is designed to give you the ability to put the ball in your court on that front and you can pick and choose what you sell.

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What Kind of Business Can I Build?

When it comes to the type of business that you can build as a result of being a student of SFM, the actual answer is an infinite amount of opportunities and types of businesses that you can go out and build and I’ll give you some examples of that in a minute. But before I do that, I just want to explain to you the main focus of our education particularly for your first three (3) to six (6) months here, and it’s teaching you and showing you how to market online.

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Is This An Internet Scam?

You know what, I used to be incredibly defensive around this question because for me it was an insult. It was kind of a “how dare you even suggest that this industry, this business or our company is some sort of scam?” But I’m a little bit older and wiser and a lot more mature these days and completely respect the fact that it’s a very legitimate question.

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Do I Need A Marketing Budget?

Alright, so I’ll be really direct with answering this question because I think often people tell you what you want to hear, you know, in terms of actually investing in your business both time and money­wise. And the reality is this, the more you invest in your business and that’s time and money­ the chances are the more likely you’re going to see results and the faster you’re going to see results. But in terms of actually “Can you grow a business and build a business? Can you build your SFM business without a marketing budget?” the answer is “Absolutely, yes you can!”

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Do I Need to Sell SFM Products to Make Money?

Without a doubt one of the big advantages you have as an SFM student is that you have the opportunity to leverage our business system in order to go out there and make affiliate sales and commissions. Our umbrella company if you like, Digital Experts, LLC has a lot of different products under its belt. We have Digital Experts Academy, Digital Business Lounge ­ which is website building and hosting and tools for marketing on the internet, Simple Lead Capture, a great little tool out there for small businesses who want to go out and build subscriber bases. And as a result of being able to plug into our various products in the business system ­ you’ll be able to go out and make promotions to these various products, services, events and education systems that we provide. But in terms of ­do you have to do it to make money?­ – absolutely not.

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Do I Need Any Previous Experience?

Well, it’s certainly natural for individuals to have concern as to whether they need any previous experience before getting started with an internet business or before getting started with SFM. And I can certainly say without any hesitation is that the answer is you absolutely do not need any previous experience. In fact I can tell you that many of our top students over the years who have come through our business system and education program, are individuals who got started without any previous experience.

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Do I Need to Do Any Personal Selling?

Okay, so let me start off by telling you that my first business was a pretty big failure. I managed to effortlessly drill that business into the ground, it came very natural to me and I really put it down to the fact that I was just useless at pushy sales, cold calling, that kind of thing. I came from a Real Estate Agency background and I thought I could sell but when it came to cold calling and pushy selling I didn’t quite make the grade. And not only that, it’s something that I didn’t really enjoy nor did I want to do.

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Do You Do Live Events?

Well, not only do we have events, they’re a lot of fun. In fact I will say our events are what I look forward to most each and every time they’re coming. We actually do events all over the world. I recently just got back from Sydney, Australia and we had a great time hanging out with many of our Australian students over there. And we have events in the UK, in United States and as the company is growing and expanding the rate it is, we’re always looking at putting in more events and more destinations.

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How Long Will it Take to Get Set Up?

So it really does vary from individual to individual in terms of how long it takes to get set up with their SFM business and their understanding of the business model and the way that they can earn money, it does vary. However, I’d say on average it’s around the two (2) week mark and just to sort of give you some clarity in terms of the process, there’s several modules that you’re going to’ work through.

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How Much Time Do I Need to Spend on My Business?

Well you probably expect me to say that the more time you put in, the more success and results you’d have and that’s probably not too far from the reality. However, there are a few things I will say. The first thing is it’s all about how you spend your time and the biggest advantage when it comes to time and working with us is that we’re going to show you how to focus on money producing activities ­ stuff that’s really going to have an effect on you and put money in your bank account.

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